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VHS Principles of Unity

  • 0 Be excellent to each other. No racism, no sexism, no homophobia, no classism.
  • 1 You are free to have your own individual project, or participate in a VHS Group Project.
  • 2 VHS Group Projects are open to all.
  • 3 Eager willingness to learn is all you need. Expertise is not required. It's always ok to ask questions.
  • 4 VHS is a Member run Do-Ocracy. Help out as you can.
  • 5 One minute for VHS. When members are at the space in addition to cleaning up after themselves they will do a minimum of one minute for VHS on things that help us run. Examples include sweeping, taking out garbage, or anything else that helps the space operate.This helps us all!

General Order of Things:

  • Out of respect to members around you, if you're using heavy machinery or anything that could be potentially unsafe, loud, obnoxious or hazardous for any reason in the space, it's up to you as a member to communicate what you will be working on and why/how it is hazardous. This can be at many levels. For example, if you are using ferric chloride to etch circuit boards, this is a potentially toxic and unhealthy chemical to be exposed to. Please wear safety goggles and gloves to protect yourself, and warn those around you about what you're using. Or, look for alternatives. If you don't know the threats of what you're working with, please educate yourself. Check out some books from the library, read the MSDS, or google it.
  • We operate entirely from our membership base. So. Pay your dues! Also please bring in and donate common consumables - hot glue sticks, machine header pins, tape, beer, etc.
  • If something has a name(that is not yours) on it, it is not a Do-Ocracy.
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