Mailing Lists

We no longer have a mailing list!


Check out our new forum system.



You can view an archive version of our old mailing list here.


How to Join

Please visit This is an open, public list for general discussion. Use this list to get help from Vancouver’s hacker community, find out about events at VHS and elsewhere, or just see what VHS is all about and what people are working on.

There is also a members-only category (see below).


[Q] Help! I miss the old mailing list!

[A] Our forum software can be configured to work very similarly to a mailing list. Simply sign in to your account, go to your preferences, and set them like this:

Discourse Preferences


[Q] I don’t believe you! Bring back the mailing list!

[A] Try it out for a couple days, you might like it! (Or at least find it acceptable)


[Q] What is the members category and how is it different from the general categories?

[A] The members category is for members only and is used to talk about internal issues such as:

  • Promoting a new member to a key member,
  • Financial info about the society,
  • Minutes of member meetings,
  • Discuss society business on the members channel.


[Q] How to get added to the members category?

[A] First, you need to become a VHS member, which you can do in person at VHS on any open night or online (online is easier). When you sign up, post to a visible category requesting access.


[Q] I have an additional address I would like to post from (e.g., I primarily use but sometimes I want to send messages from

[A] This is not supported by Discourse at this time.


[Q] Why did the mailing list get killed?

[A] The old lists were generously maintained and hosted by robbat2. Around January 2014, he requested that the lists get move off his hosting. Much overdue, in September 2014, do-ocratic rights were practiced and a more modern and technically sound solution was implemented.


[Q] I’m with another Canadian hackspace, and we’d like hosting for our lists using the domain.

[A] Please ask in our forums, and we may be able to help you.


[Q] Why do you hate mailing lists?

[A] Why do you hate nice things?


[Q] I still need help!

[A] Ask a question on our IRC channel or visit the forums

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