Vancouver Hack Space members invent replicator technology!

For immediate release!

After years of research and tirelessly experimenting, a group of hackers within Vancouver Hack Space (VHS) has finally achieved what was previously believed to only be possible in the realm of popular science fiction: replicator technology!

As patents have been filed, the group – headed up by Rich Daystrom and Leah Brahms – is excited to finally be able to share this amazing news with the world.

Based on a CNC platform, the proof of concept implementation uses achieve quantum entanglement between a hyper cooled source containment storage and a dissonium diffraction loop to print materials onto a super conductor platform. According to it’s creators it is “like super cooled 4 dimensional LEGO”.

So far the group has only been able to print self-sealing stem bolts. But they are optimistic that with their new Kobayashi-Maskawa (tomographic) imaging scanner, they will be able to synthesize more complex objects.

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