VHS VR – A virtual reality hackspace



VHS VR – A virtual reality hackspace.

Tired of not being able to hackspace at home? Can’t weld in your kitchen? Is the lack of 3D printer or laser cutters in your apartment getting to you? Is your partner or young child getting sick of you watching machining videos all day?

During these trying times we are here to give you the support you need to social distance while providing an adequate hackspace experience in glorious VIRTUAL REALITY!


Virtual 3D Printers!

VR 3D printing

You can load a 3D model into the printer just as you would at VHS and print it out your models in real time. Be sure not to leave the space while operating this machine as your print might 🔥! People caught logging off during this time will have 3D printer privileges revoked.


Laser cutters, welder, milling machines and wood shop tools all work as expected with our outdated dynamic ENIAC physics engine being most of the heavy lifting.

Embedded Controllers!

Virtual computer stations can be used for virtual Arduino programming. With the added realism of broken usb cables ensuring your code doesn’t upload and shows no apparent errors.

Microcontrollers and components can be purchased through the in-game store SallyExpress using VHS Challenge Coins. VHS Challenge Coins will be mined in the background on your GPU while you play! And even when you’re not. The more you hack the more you earn.

To promote diversity and enhanced user experiences, drawing from a random selection and combination of genders (over 700!), Wikipedia articles, and items of fruit, our advanced character generation engine will randomly generate an avatar for you. Now you too can be cool like a “cool banana”! (As seen above. Custom character generation and accessories, like sunglasses, sold separately and may require an additional purchase. Please make sure to ask a parent or guardian for permission.)

We have support for the majority of VR headsets on the platform. Each with varying degrees of “features”, depending on the ocular imaging distortion field profile from the manufacturer.

Premium members who have already had their nanoprobes administered will be automagically assimilated into your new virtual home.

Members will also be able to enhance their virtual experience via micro transactions under a pay to win scheme.


See you soon in cyyyyyybeerrrrspaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!