Made @VHS – March Edition

Another month, another selection of amazing VHS activities and member projects to highlight! The only difficult thing is to pick out just a few, but let’s see what we can come up with.

Scrap Wood Contest

Mike proposed an impromptu scrap wood contest. Entries ranged from functional (who doesn’t need more shelves?) to, well, beautiful:

I know there’s no formal winner for the contest, but… wow.


Spicehammer introduced himself to the VHS community with the question, “Any interest in a blacksmith’s forge?” And if you’re wondering, the answer to a question like that is “yes!”

portable blacksmith forge

By all accounts the event was a success, and hopefully Spicehammer will bring his equipment in for another try sometime soon. It was a very generous and well appreciated visit.

Lasers and LEDs, oh my!

Our laser cutter tube finally gave up the ghost at the end of February, and we’d have had it running again very quickly if our spare tube wasn’t faulty as well! Once that was diagnosed, our awesome laser maintenance team got us up and running again with all possible speed. But that’s not the cool part. (I mean, it’s cool. but… okay, stop digging!) What’s really cool is what packetbob has decided we should do with the failed spare tube:

I could watch that all day. And once it’s installed at VHS, I just might!

Once again, that’s only a small part of the creative awesomeness that’s been going on at VHS over the last month, much of which you’ll only see if you come for a visit on one of our Tuesday Open Nights. Why not drop in, or better yet join VHS today and share your own ideas and interests with us all?