Cypress Umbrella – Now live on Kickstarter

The Cypress Umbrella, designed and developed entirely at VHS is now live on Kickstarter!



Team Hedgehog aka (Cahay Ho and Kevin Truong) members of VHS since December 2014.


The mission statement behind the Cypress Umbrella Project, is to develop the last umbrella you will ever buy. No more bent ribs, loose springs, or jammed mechanisms.


Campaign is running on Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform. Learn more about Kickstarter/Crowdfunding here –> Link


Project began on October 2014, after almost exactly 1 year it’s now live on Kickstarter! Campaign will run for 30 days until November 18,2015.

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Read more about the development of the Cypress Umbrella on VHS’s Talk Forum here –> Link

Facebook: CypressUmbrella

Twitter: @CypressUmbrella