VTL presents Routers 101: Make Your Own Cutting Board at VHS

VTL presents:

Routers 101: Make Your Own Cutting Board

From the simple task of adding profiles to woodworking projects, to cutting traditional joinery and following templates with great precision, Tobias Atkinson will introduce some of the many uses for routers, plunge routers and router tables in this hands-on workshop. Routers are often regarded with a certain degree of wariness, but when handled correctly, routers can be used in a seemingly endless range of applications. As Fine Woodworking magazine says, “The router is truly the Swiss Army Knife of woodworking tools” (2005). Participants will leave with a custom made cutting board and the confidence to safely use routers in many applications.

Facilitator: Tobias Atkinson

When: Saturday, March 29, 1pm-4pm

Where: Vancouver Hack Space, 270 1st Ave E, Vancouver BC

Cost: VTL & VHS Members: $20 | Non-Members: $27

What to Bring: All tools and materials will be provided. Part of the workshop may take place outside so wear comfortable clothing that is weather appropriate. No dangling drawstrings or jewellery, please.

Questions? E-mail: manager [at] vancouvertoollibrary [dot] com

Advance registration is required. Please pre-pay and sign up through the PayPal on VTL website. 

Bottom liner: Adam Barlev