One night hacks

DANHOC here, bringing you more spacey goodness.

I love finding things in the space that are one night hacks – things that can be fixed in about an hour or less that make the space better for everyone. Thursday night was just such a case. Normally members lower a key on a string to people waiting at the door to get in. The “string” has traditionally been a piece of cable on a pulley and over time the cable became mangled and bent. It got so bad that somebody tied the cable in a knot around the pulley so the whole system was unuseable – I think this was their way of saying “please do something about this”… so we did. Masa, a first time visitor, stripped out the old cable and put in some heavy duty yellow string.
So with the nest Super Happy Hacker House 25 coming up (January 19) please take a look around the space and see if you can find a one night hack. Love your space and it will love you back. Stay awesome, hackers!

PS: Does anyone else pronounce V-H-S as “vicious”? Just askin’.

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