Member Open Times

All Hackspace members are able to access the space during open hours, this includes scheduled open hours, such as our Tuesday open house nights, and unscheduled hours set by our keyholders. To find out whether the space is currently open to members head to, this will tell you the live status of the space, when the space will be closing, and our upcoming schedule.

Key points about open times:

  • Keyholders are the only ones that are able to open the space.
  • Keyholders are NOT obligated to open the space for members.
  • Keyholders are NOT obligated to hold the space open to the posted “closing at” time.
  • Although the keyholder who has opened the space is considered the “bottom liner” when the space is open, all members are responsible for the safety and security of themselves, others, tools and materials in the space.
  • The clock near the entrance of the space is a direct link to, while in the space you can refer to it to find out the status of the space.
  • If the space is closed and a keyholder has asked you to leave please do so in a timely and respectful manor.
  • Do not come to the space if states that the space is closed, even if you suspect there are keyholders inside the space.

We always strive to make the space as available to all members as much as possible, but this does not always align with an individual member’s schedule and needs. If you’re thinking of becoming a member but are worried about the availability of the space, keep an eye on for a week or two to see if keyholders tend to open the space at times you’d like access to the space.

If you’ve been a member for at least 2 months and would like more access to the space, consider becoming a Keyholder, click here to see how to becoming a keyholder.

It’s a good idea to subscribe to our events calendar to stay up to date on scheduled open times, you can do this by hitting the + at the bottom right of this calendar.