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 In Sept 2016 we [[https://​​t/​vhs-welding-miller-211-and-accessories/​4736/​|purchased a used Millermatic 211 welder]] and accessories. In Sept 2016 we [[https://​​t/​vhs-welding-miller-211-and-accessories/​4736/​|purchased a used Millermatic 211 welder]] and accessories.
 +In January 2017 we got permission from the landlord to weld in the loading bay, and a 40A NEMA 14-50 receptacle installed.
 [[https://​​~/​media/​miller%20electric/​imported%20mam%20assets/​spec%20sheets/​2/​3/​8/​dc1258%20millermatic%20211%20%20english.pdf|Millermatic 211 Owners Manual]] [[https://​​~/​media/​miller%20electric/​imported%20mam%20assets/​spec%20sheets/​2/​3/​8/​dc1258%20millermatic%20211%20%20english.pdf|Millermatic 211 Owners Manual]]
 === Current Status === === Current Status ===
-The welder is not ready for use until we satisfy electrical requirements,​ safety requirements,​ and a training regime. Watch this space.+The welder is nearly ​ready to be used, check out #welding on Slack for more information.
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