Check out our new Vinyl Cutter

A vinyl cutter has been purchased for VHS!

One of our members, Dan R very generously started a Tilt compaign, and it was successful! 16 members kicked in some cash, in total, and we successfully funded a Clipper vinyl cutter.


It has a work area of 24″ x 3m. I don’t know why one of those measurements is in weird Moon units. It has a cutting force of 250g.

We are still learning how to use it, but easy stuff is easy.


We also have some members that have done amazing stuff with their personal cutters, so we have high hopes!

(Pictures courtesy of Mark J)

This is free to use! We only have one blade for it, and those will likely be considered “consumable” and become BYOB (Bring Your Own Blade), but if that happens, blades will appear in our vending machine.