Challenge coins for lighting talks at VHS’s SHHH #35

At Super Happy Hacker House (SHHH) we do lighting talks of 2 mins or less. These are fun talks about anything you want. You could talk about how laser disks work, the story of the farest earth “thing” to die in space, or your collection of sporks. During your talk the crowd is encouraged to heckle to keep you on your toes. They are a lot of fun!

When you do a lightning talk, you are given a challenge coin (Social credit personified).  These coins are made by a different member each time, using different materials or techniques. The coins can be metal, wood, plastic, varnished cookies, grown cookies, anything. This post has some of the past challenge coins.

For SHHH #35 Feb 21st, 2015, (This weekend!)  the challenge coins were designed by @Big_Mak and created at They are some of the prettiest coins we have ever had. If you want one join us for SHHH this weekend and do a lightning talk.

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