VHS Quarterly general meeting (QGM) – Saturday Jan 26th, 2013 starting at 12 noon

Hello hackers

Its time for another VHS Quarterly general meeting (QGM)
At this meeting we will be deciding on the direction that VHS should take over the next few months and get an update on the current status of projects and action items from previous meetings. This is your chance to shape the way VHS operates and provide your input.

Please submit new business for the QGM and the sooner the better, so we can talk about it before hand.
Please ask questions sooner rather then later.


The current agenda looks longer then it actually will be. Most of the old business should only take a few mins each.
Did the task get done? If not why not?

Current agenda:

  • Electing a Secretary, and Chair to host the meeting.
  • Attendance and introductions
  • Adoption of rules of order – Explanation of how the meeting will be operated. We will be spending extra time on this point this time to ensure that everyone understands how consensus works and how to act during a the meeting.
  • Old business (These are action items from the last QGM)
    • Status update about 310 industrial space (Richard Sim, Dallas Luther)
    • Status update about 281 industrial space  (Steven Smethurst, Richard Sim, Dallas Luther)
    • Update from the “Volunteer safety committee”: (Emily, Loial, Chris, Robert W. Jeff, John C. Paul G, Aaron T.)
    • Update on Members waiver – Steven Smethurst.
    • Update from the “laser committee” (Richard Sim, Dallas Luther)
    • Trade School certification – Kevin Frankland
    • VANHOC will get a pre-paid Visa card, which would make it easier to handle petty cash. (????)
    • Remove Emily Smith and Joe Bowser from the VHS bank account, and add all current directors as signers to the VHS bank account.
    • Cleanup of members list: – Steven Smethurst
    • Bottom-lining open nights – Jeff Davis
    • Regular safety orientations – Jeff Davis
    • Locker reallocation – ????
  • New business
    • Suggest something.
    • PROPOSAL – Change to 4.8.4 of the VHS bylaws, “rough consensus” – Bruce

Vancouver Hack Space, (VHS)

Saturday Jan 26th, 2013 starting at 12 noon

Be a member of good standing for 3 consecutive months (paid your dues), except by special arrangement at the discretion of the directors.