Month: January 2013

TV-B-Gone Build/Upgrade Night ! – Thursday 31st Jan, 2013

Hey everyone, What/When:  Just wanted to let you know that I’m planning to run a workshop on Thursday 31st Jan where you will be able to: Bring your own TV-B-Gone kit (if you got one for Christmas) and get help

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Things made at VHS

Made by: Ninety Nein with help from VHS laser cutter and Thingiverse Made by:  Arthur with help from DealExtream. Photo by: EmilySmith2000 Made by: Funvill with help from TinyMatrix

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MAKE’s Second International Raspberry Pi Meetup – Thursday Jan 17, 2013 6:00pm

When: Thursday Jan 17, 2013 6:00pm Where:  45 West Hasting @ VHS (See the About page | How to Get Here) What:  Join MAKE magazine, leader of the maker movement for its second International maker meetup around the release

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VHS Quarterly general meeting (QGM) – Saturday Jan 26th, 2013 starting at 12 noon

Hello hackers Its time for another VHS Quarterly general meeting (QGM) At this meeting we will be deciding on the direction that VHS should take over the next few months and get an update on the current status of projects

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Super SAD Hacker House 25 – Saturday Jan 19th, 2013

Hello Hackers, The next S[S]HH is this Saturday Jan 19th, 2013. Saturday Why is this a Supper Sad hacker house you ask… because we miss @aaronsw Aaron H. Swartz was an American computer programmer, writer, political organizer and Internet activist Hear ye hear ye.

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Learn to Knit @ Craft Night – Monday 14th Jan 2013 @ 7:30pm

What:  Doors open to the public from 19:30 to 23:00. Bring your crafty project and your crafty mind. We’ll be knitting, sewing, and all other manner of fresh hands-on makery goodness. Note: we don’t have many extra knitting needles, so

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LEGO Mindstorms & Robots tonight, 19:00-23:00

LEGO Mindstorms, VEX, and any home-grown robots welcome – as well as humans, of course. Picture after the evening.

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One night hacks

DANHOC here, bringing you more spacey goodness. I love finding things in the space that are one night hacks – things that can be fixed in about an hour or less that make the space better for everyone. Thursday night

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