Month: September 2012

What’s going on @ VHS, September 2012

Robert, a skillsaw, and I added a new shelf, designated EL-E. That’s (theoretically) room for ~20 more shoe boxes full o stuff. Special thanks to Tim and everyone who came out to the “How to Patent II” night for their

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A Lithium Ion Battery Bestiary

Amazing VHS Member & Bag of Mostly Water Simon wrote a great expose on lithium ion batteries to the members list. It was so insanely amazingsauce that we just had to share it with you. You can also find this

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Project: technosuit

I’ve been working on a project¬†involving an¬†Arduino Mega 2560 and a bunch of LEDs and electroluminescent wires. The application was to control a wearable lightsuit which responds to outgoing MIDI messages from a sequencer (Ableton Live in this case). It’s

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Crypto Party – September 21th, 7pm till late

“Privacy is the power to selectively reveal oneself to the world.” – Cypherpunk Manifesto, 1993. Data retention, wiretapping, interception, stalking.. Make it really f&*^ing hard for them! —–BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY—– ty8xLMIIEowIBAAKCAQEArmkP2lNe9A87PfX5Xg1EewDiCzGLkSOuKAbA3y2ZQ0C 2BBeg2khGVLqBf0OSBuKDDwYmv6J1mjJbgP3cIPBclQkDd9XVGFfvhHsMVNKCgpv xf5lkPcnPEbz3pmXilW8dkFn9/Q/LaBxVUR6g6Utci4vcddwEJaIHx3MaPKGSG4q DvnwUgwhmEeI/HKqICitnWtas3K5xK7SIkVKrmS6th2qYgGj/aGNckF8b/PihGjY qGhGGbHaalyjePo2OflxvCq3GKPOwo3US3nY9mzrXfuCiPGrkFeqKiLKOcXkTmJS lbl4mUJrnvBJaqBUxnPGff+RjHri9BSWai9rdU99ZCwIDAQABAoIBADx8IwtMLnn 5NZKel7yOTVl7DOlk3UoQXa1z6h976NLx81PiHcwtlHZ917sS6+mHVHw5XebHqJE eglgHd2DU+saUwacleSlgFaiUI8qm1qwE+mSg7OmAu1cjeZ8zZkj8p/wPuY2xlJE L6u53jzZY9FdQwbv9+VIzxw7cVBUC03DJLgNrTn3ckKEzc3Kriib+z9rI/GCELu1

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