Month: August 2012

Call for Letters of Support

The Vancouver Hack Space is partnering with the Vancouver Community Laboratory and the Red Gate Arts Society to put in a proposal to the city for one of the new buildings it’s looking to open for arts and cultural use.

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Acrylic chess set – Made on the laser cutter

One of our members (funvill)  made a Acrylic chess from a design found on thingiverse. This is one of the first things to come out of laser cuter. More to come soon as we start to train everyone on it. The

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Tantillus build night – Thursday August 30th 6:30pm – 11pm

We will be starting at 6:30pm and go until things are finished or we are kicked out (hopefully we can all be done by 11pm). I would like to request that you bring all the tools that you have been using so far

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NoiseShop – Saturday, October 13, 2012, 9am-noon, and 2pm-5pm

What :  In collaboration with our friends at the Vancouver Hackspace, Vancouver New Music is celebrating the junction where DIY and noise meet! In preparation for this year’s New Music Festival Hacking Electronics noise as multiplicity, join us for NoiseShop at

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Super Happy Hacker House 23

Come one come all tonight to our 23rd open house. At SHHH we open the doors to the public and share knowledge, experience, and good times to all who trespass. No, but seriously, it’s going to be awesome. Take part

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How to file a patent @ 7:00 pm 17 Aug 2012

Introduction: Why write a patent? Offence, Defence and Prestige. Preparation: Knowing the field, When patent searching it is important to remember only the claims and drawings mater. Beginning: Writing the prior art section and the first draft of the claims.

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August 18 SHHH + Soldering Contest

Are you the fastest solder in the west? Come on down to SHHH August 18 at the VHS (45 Hastings, alley entrance) and find out. We provide the gear, you provide the skills. First place and second place winners get

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Happenings in the Space, Monday August 13th

Tonight we had quite a few different projects going on, with a solar garden light being repaired, a CNC machine starting to take shape, EL wire kits being assembled, our new lab power supplies being tested, and wait for it…

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