Month: July 2012

Introduction to Arduino Night (Win!)

VHS’s most recent Interdiction to Arduino night was a great success. Some pictures from the night can be found on flicker. Thank you Andrew Milne for setting up and running the workshop, with the help from Simon, Dallas, Karl, and Jona. Andrew Milne ran the

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Bio hackers at VHS

The Vancouver Bio hackers joined us at VHS last this week to talk about EEG (Electroencephalography) and BCI (Brain-computer Interfaces). We plan to start hacking next time! Here are some links from the talk that might help you get some ideas:

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New filing system

Right! There are a lot of new members in the space, and there are a lot of tools that get picked up, used, and put back somewhere… else. It’s confusing and discourages people from using all the great stuff we

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Hackers on a Train & Super Happy Hacker House 23

What: On August 18th VHS will be hosting two one fantastic events – the Hackers on a Train Workshop Tour and Super Happy Hacker House 23. Hackers on a Train Workshop Tour 2012 Mitch Altman, Jimmie Rodgers, and maybe others will

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What’s going on in the space? Laser update edition!

Richard Sim graciously invested a large part of Wednesday night running test cuts before firing off these perfect parts for a robotic camera gimbal on the laser cutter. This is the biggest thing we’ve cut to date. This just in:

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Introduction to Arduino, Sunday July 15th 2012

As I write these words 2011 seats are still available. Come to the VHS and find out what these things are all about and what you can do with them. Together we’ll learn the fundamentals of these powerful little boards

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