Month: April 2012

What’s happening at the VHS, April 2012

[youtube=] Apologies to Rob. Rob! You are a good person and I am a monster for forgetting your name. The Kaizen team last night put up the VHS banner over the lockers, did the dishes, cleaned out all kinds of

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Kaizen Nights

Like all living things the Hackspace needs regular care to keep it healthy. This Wednesday there were no less than 5 people at the space hauling, smashing, hammering, stacking, and disposing. They ripped out the old member storage and installed

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HOT PANTS-MAKING NIGHT! Monday, April 16th.

Some people have round asses and some people have flat asses. If you’ve never been able to find a pair of hot pants to fit your very special ass, this hot pants party is your chance to learn how to customise some

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