Costume building night, Monday and Tuesday (11-12th)

With EatART’s MakerFaire fundraising party coming up at the end of the month we will all be needing costumes. You know it’s a costume party right? and that you NEED to dress up for it! And we are all going right?

We are planning on using Monday Craft night for the physical parts of your costume and Tuesday for the Electronics and special effects. If you never been to the hackspace before this would be a good event to start with. Please feel free to bring friends, guests, and interesting people!

Monday: (8:30 PM)
Bring your crafting supplies: Paper mache, Wire mesh, Leather straps, Ducktape, Rhinestones, Cloth, Beads, Wire, Cardboard, Plastics, ect..
We have sewing machines, cuters, tape, some glue, and other supplies but you should bring them if you have them. I can show people how to make ducktape masks if anyone is interested.

We can add EL wire, LEDs, sound effects, or any other special effect you need and if you still need some time to finishe off the physical side of things we you can do it on Tuesday too.

Costume ideas
– EL armored knight (This is what I’m planning on doing, Do one too and we can battle)
Tron guy
EL wire stick man
Boba fett

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