How to build a microprocessor from scratch

If you’ve ever wondered just how a microprocessor does its magic, you should find this interesting.

From the humble NAND gate, all the way to the modern microprocessor, I’ll be showing how the circuits are put together to make the registers, memory, address decoders, instruction decoders & I/O ports. About 30 years of design & development crunched into an hour or so of chalkboard scribbles & hand waving.

The song & dance routine starts about 7:30, (or when everyone finally has opened their beers).

Impress your friends, build your own microprocessor -from scratch !

If you have a few boxes of 7400 series logic chips kicking around, you’ll finally be able to put them to some use. You won’t need to know anything about electronics to follow along. I promise.

When: Tuesday, October 26th, 2010
Where: 45 W. Hastings St
Bottom Liner: karl brown

2 Comments on “How to build a microprocessor from scratch

  1. i have a project due tomorrow, but i think i can postpone it for the day after that. if you can, could you show me how this baby works?

  2. I want to tell you sth I love physics very much and wishes to know all about it so would you help me in understanding microprocessors