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VHS Large Donation Form

This is a sample form of possible information needed when VHS is given large donations.




Serial Number:


Type of donation:

  • Permanent / no strings - the item in question now belongs to VHS, full stop. Sale of the item is allowed.
  • Permanent with right of first refusal - the item belongs to VHS, but should VHS disband or decide to get rid of the item, the original owner gets first dibs. Sale of the item is not allowed.
  • Long Term Loan - the item belongs to the owner, but VHS members have full use. Some conditions apply (see Long Term Loan conditions). Note that VHS may request the removal of tools under long term loan. Four weeks notice will be given.

Long Term Loan conditions:

Term of Loan:

How long with the item be at VHS?

Maintenance Cost:

who is responsible for maintenance costs?

Maintenance work:

who is responsible for doing the work?


Is VHS responsible for the repair costs of any damage that occurs?


eg. “All people who wish to use this tool must be trained by me:

eg. “No one under the age of 16 may use this tool”

Donor Signature:

Director Signature:

Director Signature:


Serial Number:


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