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Netgear WGR615V setup.

First reset the router to factory defaults. The reset button is on the back of the router. You will need a paperclip, or something similar to push the button inside of the hole. Press and hold the reset button for 5 sec. This will set the user/password to the defaults.

Next we need to load new firmware into the router. You can get that here

Connect the power adapter to the router and then plug it into the outlet. Connect the router to your computer with a network cable. Do not connect the router to your internet connection yet. Start your web browser (firefox, iceweasel, opera whatever) and go to Since we've reset the router the username is admin and the password is password. Don't worry we're going to change this. Click on the browse button on the upgrade page and point it at the wgr615v_1.3_31.bin file we downloaded. Once you've done that click on the upload button. It will warn you that internet connections will be terminated. Click OK. We aren't connected to the internet right now anyway. Uploading the firware should take about 2 minutes. At some point you will get disconnected from the router, that's ok. When it's done it will ask you to verify that the leds are on and then click OK to re-connect. Click on OK.

This will take you to the setup page. First we want to change the password. On the left column under Maintenance click on Set Password. Enter the old password, which is password. Pick a good strong password. Your router is now ready to be connected to the internet.

VOIP setup. Go to

For some reason this page doesn't recognize that we changed the admin password, so the password will still be password to log in to this page. Configure this page for your sip phone provider and you're ready to go. I use sipphone and it works fine.

Question: I'm using, and am having some trouble getting touch tones to work, does touch tone dialing work? Regards, maybememe

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