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 +==== OpenWRT on the WRTU54G-TM ====
 +Download: [[https://​​s/​c70bduwu4hg2hxm/​openwrt-WRTU54G-TM.7z|openwrt-WRTU54G-TM.7z]] or alternative link here [[https://​​file/​d/​0B3uMpbwOyYIaRDVMYzBUc29mOFU/​edit?​usp=sharing|openwrt-WRTU54G-TM.7z]]\\
 +=== Resetting stock firmware to default settings ===
 +1)Unplug the power from the device\\
 +2)Plug the power back into the device and wait 30 seconds\\
 +2)Using a pin, press and hold the button right beside the port labeled "​PHONE2"​ (its red) for 30 seconds\\
 +3)Keep the button pressed down and unplug the power for 30 seconds.\\
 +4)Keep the button pressed down and plug the power in for 30 seconds.\\
 +5)Finally let go of the button and power cycle the device by unplugging and plugging the power back in.\\
 +=== Flashing procedures: ===
 +1)Reset the device to default settings (See above)\\
 +2)Connect an ethernet cable from your computer to the router\\
 +3)Once you've gotten an IP from the router go to http://​\\
 +4)Log on using the username "​admin"​ and the password "​admin"​\\
 +5)Rename "​openwrt-adm8668-squashfs.bin"​ to "​WRTU54G-TM_v1.00.26.bin"​ **IVE ALREADY DONE THIS**\\
 +6)Press the "​Administration"​ link at the top right, and then press "​Firmware Upgrade"​ link or just use this url: http://​​Firmware-Upgrade.htm and upload openwrt-WRTU54G-TM/​12.09-rc2/​WRTU54G-TM_v1.00.26.bin\\
 +7)Wait until the url changes to http://​​OK.htm and you see "​Upgrade is successful."​\\
 +8)Unplug your ethernet cable and plug it back in so that you get a new ip from the router. (or disable and renable the network device, or linux users can do "​dhclient eth0"​.)\\
 +9)Go to http://​ set the password for the device.\\
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