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when setting up your asterisk box you will generally be modifying two files your extensions.conf and your sip.conf or iax.conf. before beginning I think its important to note that I am not a expert at anything.. especially asterisk.. and everything I have learned has come to me on spirit quests(google). so if you see a error or you know a better way please correct me


this is where your dial plan goes. or how you want your phone server to function when receiving/making calls..

For Example:

call comes in > dial your extension > dial your cellphone > forward to answering machine

call comes in > compares against blacklist > realizes its a telemarketer > forwards to sounds of creatures screaming

call comes in > asks user for extension(service, support, sales) > forwards to appropriate extension

Other things that Extensions handle

  • voicemail
  • music on hold
  • call forwarding
  • cid lookups
  • cid spoofing
  • system calls
  • sip to sip calling
  • etc etc.. skys the limit


This is where your protocol/login settings go. This is where you add information to connect to your sip or iax exchange. This is also where you will add users so they can use sip/iax extensions (soft phones, and hardware sip/iax phones).

so lets hack.

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