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-===== Arduino Sketches =====+====== Arduino Sketches ​======
 {{:​arduino_extreme_480.jpg|}} {{:​arduino_extreme_480.jpg|}}
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 [[Switch Controlled Blink | Switch Controlled Blink]] [[Switch Controlled Blink | Switch Controlled Blink]]
-====Luke'​s arduino makefile====+==== Luke's arduino makefile ====
 Luke's arduino makefile + source: [[http://​​lukec/​arduino-blink/​tree/​master | git-hub]] Luke's arduino makefile + source: [[http://​​lukec/​arduino-blink/​tree/​master | git-hub]]
-===Rough Instructions for OS X===+=== Rough Instructions for OS X ===
   *Install ports   *Install ports
   &​lt;​code&​gt;​sudo port install avr-gcc&​lt;/​code&​gt;​   &​lt;​code&​gt;​sudo port install avr-gcc&​lt;/​code&​gt;​
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