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 +====== Glues and their applications ======
 +We have a collection of these somewhere. Please document where you find them.
 +Here's a useful diagram to figure out what glue to use:
 +This text is here for indexing the image above. It should be expanded to include all of the minor text in future.
 +Paper, Fabric, Felt, Leather, Rubber, Foam, Styrofoam, Plastic, Metal, Ceramic, Glass, Balsa, Cork, Wood
 +Fabric Glue
 +Spray Adhesive
 +Hot Glue
 +Contact Adhesives
 +Construction Adhesive (Liquid Nails, Loctite)
 +Ceramic Glue
 +Wood Glue
 +Cyanoacrylate (Super glue)
 +Two-component adhesive
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