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 +Because of our creative user base we could design our telco around a knowledge sharing model.. All users have access to the core configuration code and overall system workflow. ​ Beyond this the user is invited to streamline the system or find new cost effective ways of doing things. ​ This could be anything from slick management interfaces or area code based cost effective sip routing. ​ Lower overall system cost means a lower monthly bill.
 +  * Open/​Documented Model
 +  * Percentage Based Fees, each user pays for their percentage of the overall system
 +  * Full featured. ​ Including support for Voice mail, Line Encryption, Call-Forwarding,​ etc etc
 +For software I am leaning towards freeswitch, which is threaded, easily cluster-able,​ and after testing is seen to be a high performance sip switch. ​ Another plus, The entire confuration uses XML which should make it easily configurable by outside software.
 +=====Current Development?​=====
 +We have a  Core 2, 2GB ram, ~10mbs / 4000GB transfer todo development on.  It is currently running freeswitch-svn(1.5pre?​) on debian 5.0.  Want a account? let someone know.
 +==== Tasks ====
 +feel you want to bring something to the table? commit to learning/​building something
 +  * Understanding The basics of extension and voicemail configuration - ooze
 +  * maintaining a running/​current version of freeswitch during our development - ooze
 +  ​
 +=====Future Development?​=====
 +There are some initial things that should be in place before we commit to bulk ordering voip services
 +  * Ability to easily add users.. shell script? web interface?
 +  * Ability to formulate channel(voip line) usage statistics (per user percentage of system use) 
 +  * Ticket system / Bug Tracker for usage issues?
 +=====Security Questions===== ​
 +if it's an open system and any member can theoretically modify it, would there be a need for precautions to make sure no one inserted anything malicious, such as a data tracking or recording function?
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