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-  * get more stuff off the floor from under the benches. ​ Only furniture and pets live on the floor. 
-  * have a couple Roombas going when the space is closed. ​ Mad respect if you can make them only come out when the space is officially shut. 
-  * Decorate the space: put the colored LED bars up somewhere. 
-  * light each bench. ​ A 2m strip of blue-white LEDs on a 12v power supply lights one bench really well. 
-  * finish attaching the switches to the CNC.  They should be attached so that they don't move when the CNC homes and be attached non destructively (eg without glue or welding). 
-  * finish building a safety cover for the CNC 
-  * find more shelves for the ESD benches. ​ //to the google!// 
-  * make adapters for sanders, bandsaw, etc to connect to vacuum to minimize dust creation (3D print?)