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 ====== Garbage and Recycling ====== ====== Garbage and Recycling ======
 +We take out our own trash at VHS. If it's full, take it to the dumpster. Do not wait to get to the state of garbage jenga.
 +Go towards the back of the shop and you will find a dumpster key and a door:
 +Go Outside and turn right, and you will find a Dumpster, 
 +Follow these easy steps:
 +  * Use they key on the Dumpster Lock.
 +  * Pivot the locking bar downwards
 +  * Open the lid
 +  * Deposit the garbage within the Dumpster.
 +  * Close the lid
 +  * Don’t forget to lock it when you are done.
 +Recycling goes here. We separate regular recycling from cash recycling, I.E. cans and bottles.
 According to our agreement with the waste management company: According to our agreement with the waste management company:
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 [[|Download PDF list of banned materials from recycling]] [[|Download PDF list of banned materials from recycling]]
 {{:garbagedumpster.jpeg?nolink&400|}} {{:garbagedumpster.jpeg?nolink&400|}}
-Here is the pickup schedule+Here is the pickup schedule for garbage: 
 +and here is the pickup schedule for recyclables:
-{{:garbageschedule.png?direct&800 |}}+{{:admin:recyclables_2021-2022_cropped.png?direct&500|}}
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